Snow and Arsenal

Well, first of all tomorrow night’s game against Cardiff has been called off.

Secondly, we’re apparently signing Hooty McOwlAndrei Arshavin, but as no announcement has been made yet you’d have to think this is wishful thinking from the fans. With Eboue fucking useless injured we sorely need a fresh face on the right wing, although Nasri did actually look pretty decent there against West Ham. And he’s 27, so pretty experienced, which would be good, as long as he’s not an experienced cunt like Gallas or Silvester.

And it’s still snowing, and I’ve hurt my back from snowboarding in Richmond Park. Gah!

Bloody Hell

It’s the biggest snowfall in London for around 20 years. Once it gets a bit lighter I’m going to try and get to somewhere I can snowboard – but as the buses are all down, the car’s snowed in, and the TFL Website has gone bloody titsup again (as it always does when more than three people try to look at it at once), I’ve no idea if I can actually get anywhere.

Sometimes only swearing will do.

Fucking hell, snow. In London! Fuck me.