ITV Football Coverage is Rubbish, New Theme

ITV continued their hopelessly shambolic football coverage by managing to miss the extra time goal by Everton in their 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the FA Cup last night. I mean, really, how difficult can it be to chuck a couple of cameras up, and get a couple of ex-pros to witter endlessly about “That Night In Barcelona” or “That Night In Istanbul”, without showing a Tic Tac advert just as about the only exciting thing that happened in 120 minutes is happening?

Amateurs, I tell you. Not that the BBC are much better with chummy MOTD, in which it’s absolutely vital to not say a bad word about Gerrard, Lampard or Terry. Why can’t we have football coverage like they do it Italy, with proper pundits who actually know something about strategy, tactics, and have some insight into how a team is playing?

/rant over.

And I’ve got a new Theme. It sure is purdy.