New Music – Super Furry Animals, Here We Go Magic

A nice little email popped into my Inbox this morning whilst surfing Jobserve to try and fend off incipient bankrupcy. It was from those lovely Super Furry Animals, telling me that there’s a webcast tonight at 20:00 GMT, during which the band will be playing their new album, Dark Days/Light Years in its entirety.

A Super Furry Beach

As a little teaser, they’ve released a new MP3, “Inaugural Trams”, which I’ve added below; it’s also available on their website. Featuring Nick from Franz Ferdinand doing a rap in German1, like most new SFA tracks it’s at once familiar and shinily new. As far as I can tell, it’s all about the importance of trams in an integrated transport network. Oh, I don’t know, don’t ask me. Have a listen yourself.

Here We Go Magic did a session for WOXY last week, for the SXSW festival, and the station have happily let everyone download the four tracks. There are from their latest album, plus a new number “Surprise”. Rather good they are too. In particular, “Fangela” and the previously mentioned “Tunnelvision” are the highlights. Do yourself a favour and pop over there and give them a listen. The band are off on tour with Grizzly Bear on their recently announced US tour. Lucky people.

Pop back here later as I’m hoping to have my review of Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s new album up. That’s if you’re not doing anything better, of course.

1 I speak from personal experience here. German rap is quite possibly the worst form of music in the world. It just sounds so wrong.

Fandela (Live At WOXY) by Here We Go Magic

Inaugural Trams by Super Furry Animals

Woodpigeon, Dirty Hungarians

Got a bit of a cold this morning, and after two 1,000+ word posts on Pitchfork 500, I’m going to be quick today.

First of all, here’s some rather lovely songs from Woodpigeon, from Calgary, Canadialand (home of the long-lost Searsy, who got me onto Broken Social Scene back in the day). They’ve just released a compilation album in the UK called “Treasury Library Canada”, and early copies come with an additional CD. Of extras and that. Which, I’ve got to say, is a bit annoying – whilst you could get away with this sort of thing maybe 5 or 10 years ago, it’s just not the done thing these days, when one can simply download the whole thing for free from somewhere. In effect, if I’m the 501st buyer I don’t get the free CD. So why should I buy it at all? Bah.

/rant over

Colds make me grumpy.

In any case, their stuff is rather nice. I’m getting sweetness of Sufjan Stevens with the folkiness of classic Bright Eyes. Champion.

Slowcoustic have got some more on Here We Go Magic, who I bloggered about the other day, and who are well worthy of your attention.

And what would a Friday be without a bit of old Monty Python?

Knock Knock by Woodpigeon

Death By Ninja (A Love Song) by Woodpigeon

Some New Old Music – Grizzly Bear, Here We Go Magic, Devendra Banhart

Little bits and bobs of Grizzly Bear’s new album keep creeping out, mostly live versions. It’s likely to be one of the highlights of 2009 (well, musical ones anyway), and their last album Yellow House was my most played album of 2008. Yes, yes, I know it came out in 2006. I was busy, ok? (and on that note, whilst I would love to be able to post funky new tunes every day, I really am not disciplined enough to find great things every day. There’s loads of fantastic places for that, and you can find some on the right hand side of this blog. Sorry, rant over. Anyway, next I’ll be finding a great new collective from Toronto called Broken Social Something or other and posting their stuff soon. Oh ok, only kidding)

Anyway, courtesy of Gorilla Vs Bear, here’s a lovely new-ish live track, called Cheerleader. Certainly promising, and Lord only knows what it’ll sound like after being put through the famous Grizzly Bear Studio Technique. Probably uniquely wonderful in that Grizzly Bear way.

And whilst we’re on the subject of new albums, here’s a lovely tune from some people called Here We Go Magic. Now I must admit, I know very little about them, but this tune is a charming little bit of dreamy pop. And they are liked by Grizzly Bear. And they like Department of Eagles. Anyone see a connection?
(In fact, just listening to it yet again, it’s a bit of an earworm this one. I rather likes it)

And lastly, Kath Bloom, another person about whom I know next to nothing (shame on me) has an album out, consisting of covers by, amongst others, L&L faves Bill Callahan (Smog) and Devendra Banhart, plus an additional sort-of-best-of. Well worth a listen, I say.

Speaking of which, I’ve just got to post some Bill Callahan/Smog stuff soon. I love him, but not in that way.

Cheerleader (Live) by Grizzly Bear

Forget About Him (Kath Bloom cover) by Devendra Banhart

Tunnelvision by Here We Go Magic