And Yet More Arshavin…and Snow

Bloody hell, it’s never simple with the Arsenal. Apparently the deal is complete but needs ratifying from the Premier League. I’ll bet that they’ll turn it down, Arsenal will appeal and it will go through next Monday. After fucking Robbie fucking Keane scores on Sunday.

Couple of photos from earlier:

Parsons Green

Parsons Green

No, we didn’t make that snowman.

Richmond Park
You can just about see what route I took down the hill, through the long grass. And the logs.

Proper snow in London for the first time in 18 years.


Is a done deal, apparently. Hmmm….guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

And in other news, Spurs continue signing anyone who used to play for them. They are to unveil their new forward line-up, Gary Lineker, Paul Gascoigne and Ossie Ardiles. Cunts.

Snow and Arsenal

Well, first of all tomorrow night’s game against Cardiff has been called off.

Secondly, we’re apparently signing Hooty McOwlAndrei Arshavin, but as no announcement has been made yet you’d have to think this is wishful thinking from the fans. With Eboue fucking useless injured we sorely need a fresh face on the right wing, although Nasri did actually look pretty decent there against West Ham. And he’s 27, so pretty experienced, which would be good, as long as he’s not an experienced cunt like Gallas or Silvester.

And it’s still snowing, and I’ve hurt my back from snowboarding in Richmond Park. Gah!

It’s Too Cold For A 0-0

Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to be worth sitting around for two hours watching a bunch of professional footballers hoof about fruitlessly for ninety minutes in the freezing cold. It took till around Earl’s Court tube before I got proper feeling back in my fingers. I really don’t know why I bother sometimes. There’s something quite wrong with this current Arsenal team and the home support seems to feel it too. Just about the loudest song was for Robin Van Pershie, who wasn’t even on the pitch at the time. There’s none of the old Arsenal bloody-mindedness we used to see, going right back to the late-80’s (and even against Man U in the classic 1979 FA Cup Final). God, if this lot got to the stage where they needed to score a goal in the last minute to win the league or a Cup Final, you’d just know that Wenger would put on Song and we’d end up conceding two more goals. There’s just not that will to win that we need to get anything out of this season. I predict a Cardiff win on Tuesday.

What’s worse, the away fans, as ever, seemed to treat this as a victory. Yeah, even Hull beat us at home, you eedjits. Drawing at Ashburton Grove is easy these days, just put 10 men behind the ball and stick a boot in now and again and you’ll leave with at least a point.

Anyway, the usual top draw blog from Arseblog.

And in other news, it’s snowing. If we get a good snowfall I might have to take my snowboard to Richmond Park in the morning.

And the housing boom in the US over the last few years may have some serious health consequences. What is in the drywall?

Off To The Game

It’s West Ham today. I can see it now, the wondrous pointless ineffective sauntering of Diaby, the “is he on the pitch?” ability of Denilson, the silky passing-the-ball-to-the-opposition skills of Eboue, the headless chicken defending of Gallas. I can hear the booing already.
Or maybe we can actually win?

Quick Post – M Ward, Arsenal, iPhone

A really quick post this morning.

I’ve managed to listen to a copy of M. Ward’s new album, Hold Time. What’s to say? He’s a fantastic guitarist, a great songwriter, but after one listen it’s difficult to say anything other than it sounds like an M Ward album. Bet you’re glad you read that, eh? Anyway, title track below.

Arsenal are continuing their descent down the Premier League, still in fifth but now five points behind lucky, lucky, but annoyingly quite good Aston Villa. I wish we’d bought Aghbonglahor in the summer. West Ham tomorrow should be a fun game, and by fun, I mean a dreadful waste 90 minutes watching us huff and puff against less skilful but better organised and motivated opposition, with us winning 1-0 after Bendtner gets one in off his arse in the 93rd minute.

And I see Apple have decided to update the iPhone firmware. Oh my lord. And mine’s updating now, so it’ll probably go horribly wrong and BSOD my PC.

Hold Time by M. Ward