Happy Mew Year!

What’s he doing now? “Happy Mew Year”? Christ, it’s April. Not even the start of April, which even by his standards is dismal. He’s cast me aside and then picks me up again to do a new post about Mew? With a bleedin’ awful pun that he’s used before?

Honestly, I don’t know why he doesn’t just pack it all in. Eight posts last year, and now it’s the 18th April and he takes it upon himself to try and post the new news that was released two months ago. What’s worse, I know from his phone, that cheeky little scamp, that he even watched the video on the day it was released. He could have got home, spent a few minutes on that snazzy PC of his and bish, bash, bosh, new post, sit down for dinner with his lovely wife. And then he could have got going on all the other cracking stuff he’s been listening to, like Dan Mangan and Father John Misty and all that Aphex Twin stuff and the Go Betweens box set and all that, rather than staring into the middle distance and deciding whether to play Elite:Dangerous or Shadows Of Mordor. Such a geek, I tell you. Could be worse, I suppose. Could be DOTA.

Where was I? Oh yes, he could have said something about their gig at the Roundhouse in May. Or what the new album’s called. But no. One shabby re-used pun. Lazy little blighter.

And he missed my birthday too.


(Mew’s new album, +- <sup>1</sup> is out 28th April. New songs below, and they are pretty fine)

1 Yes, really.