Are You Him?

AFX Reminiscence #1:

Years and years ago, I was wandering down a street in London and on looking through the window of a rubbish coffee shop, saw someone I thought was the Aphex Twin. I wandered in, said “Are you Aphex Twin?” and he said “Fuck off”.

It was him, I reckon.

AFX Reminiscence #2:

Even more years and years ago, I was driving just south of Gateshead (just past where the Angel Of The North would end up being, but well before it ended up being there), doing a ludicrous speed in a Morris Minor. I’d just driven a good 300 miles in a stupid number of hours and I wanted to get to my flat, it was dark, and I was playing “Digeridoo” so loudly the speakers were popping. Happy times.

AFX Reminiscence #3:

Listening to “Selected Ambient Works vol 1” back in the day when I used to like staying out until very, very, very late, and would eventually get home after Rockshots and then Libby’s house, or Neil’s house, and try to sleep, with this wonderful album blocking out the sounds of more sensible people than me getting up and going to work.

So you can safely say I’m mildly amused that he’s back. Following the Blimp shenanigans, and the Tor-only tracklist for the new album, comes an actual track. Yes, a track. With a proper title and everything. Rather than “zszxzff66f (acd phrenze mix 97)”. Or “*++¦~”. Or “BUMFELCH”.

Of course, it sounds a great deal like him, but with something approaching a proper tune and squelchy bits. It’s like he’s never been away. Because he hasn’t. He has always been with us, grinning at us, as you close your eyes just before you sleep.

Pre-order Bleep here and don’t forget to tick the box.

Oh, and:

Amazon’s Aphex Twin Store