There’s Such A Lot Of The World To See

Things I wasn’t expecting, relating to Bill Callahan:

1. That he’d release a press photo of him smiling
2. That a photo of Bill Callahan smiling wouldn’t look like a serial killer just released from prison early, even though he did all them murders, and yes, sirree, there’s sure going to be a-killin’ happnin’ again soon
3. That he’d release a dub version of the first single from his new album.

Sweet Jebus

That’s 1 and 2 screwed then

So, Billy Boy has a new album out, named “Dream River“, on 17th September. Call me happy, as “Apocalypse” featured a couple of his finest ever songs (“Riding For The Feeling” still being a regular play round here). The non-dub version of the track “Javelin Unlanding” is below, and is frankly, a tad odd:

I guess he’s been listening to that Jamie XX/Gil Scott-Heron “I’m New Here” cover.

Still, when you’ve written songs like “Teenage Spaceship”, you can do what the hell you like. Your place amongst the immortals of music is assured.

Oh, wait, not "Moon"

Oh, wait, not “Moon”

MP3: Riding For The Feeling by Bill Callahan

MP3: I’m New Here by Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX

Buy Bill Callahan Music Here (Now)

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