Not The Stump Song, Sadly

alt-J are one of those bands that somehow come from left-field and suddenly do something unexpected like, oh I dunno, win the Mercury Prize. Now there have been some pretty damn fine winners over the years – PJ Harvey and Portishead, anyone? – and the less good artists that have won have managed to at least be successful, like M People, or the actively awful Primal Scream. alt-J are up there with Roni Size as a “What? Eh?” winner1, and it would be remiss of me to not have a bit of a listen. Thankfully the generally-not-great Later With Boogie Fucking Woogie Jules Fucking Holland came up trumps the other week, and I got a chance.

First thoughts. A bit Radiohead. Singer’s a bit annoying.

Second thought. Might be a grower. After all I wasn’t all that sure about Grizzly Bear until I’d had a few listens.

Third thought. I’m hungry.

So it goes. They’ve got a song on a new filum and all that. Here it is. Listen and make your own mind up. I’m not the boss of you.

1 Nothing whatsoever against Mr Size; just that his win was a bit of a shock and all.

Buy “An Awesome Wave” here (CD/MP3)