A Mite Caledonian

It all got a bit Scottish there for a bit. Driving back from some random pigeon shelter in Sarf Lahndan I thought I’d give Twilight Sad’s last album a bit more of a try; being something of an unsuitable record to listen to on earbuds due to the noise! the noise! and the ringing of the ears and all that. And then on my Certified Mobile Communication Device Named After A Fruit appeared a note from those charming fellas at Frightened Rabbit saying they had a new record out:

And what a gloriously sobby thing it is too. Nice to see both bands have taken their success and used it to be even more sodding miserable. Can’t you all try go-karting or something? Life’s not that bad you know. Mind you, both the new FR track “State Hospital” and much of “No-One Will Ever Know” are quite elegaic in their being cobbed off, so maybe we shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, Frightened Rabbit. I love them. Buy their records. And the new one too, out September 24th.