By jove, do I love Grizzly Bear. Their first proper album as a band, Yellow House, was one of my favourite albums of the Naughties1. I’ve probably posted about them more than anyone else I can think of. And as I’ve posted before, they’ve a new album, named “Shields”, out on September 17th. And are going on tour.

And as is the way with these things, they’ve released a second track, named “Yet Again”, and as is the way with these things, I’m about a week late. It’s very good. The track, that is, rather than being late.

I particularly like the production makes your brain all confused – why do the vocals sound all pristine but the drums and guitars sound like they are in a dirty cave? How did they get those guitars sound so spiky and crunchy? What the hell are they singing about? What’s given them this huge burst of energy?

For once, I’m not even going to listen to this too much, lest I spoil the enjoyment of unwrapping the new album.

1 Will someone ever come up with a better name for that decade?

Pre-order Shields here.