This Isn’t About Zooey

So M. Ward is back, back, back! Ok, so he’s hardly ever gone away, what with all the duets and collaborations and whatnots, but there’s a new solo album on the way in April called “A Wasteland Companion”1. Which, I guess, is reason for us all to yell and shout and go wooo! a great deal. Although if it’s as disappointing as Hold Time, maybe not so much.

Oh put that flower down, you're 32 for Christ's sake

Another track has popped out today, called “Primitive Girl”, and I can safely say he’s not returning to the acoustics round the campfire feel of Duet For Guitars #2. I would say this is a disappointment, but after playing this a few times, I’m quite enjoying, so I’ll just have to wait and see what the whole record is like before making a knee-jerk reaction.

1 I’m assuming this is not a reference to Fallout 3, though I’d have to be impressed if it was. I am a geek.

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