New Year New Music Four – Griggleschpot

As I mentioned the other day, I get lots of emails. I don’t listen to many, sadly, and sometimes it takes something unusual to get noticed.

Calling yourself “Griggleschpot” might normally make me wince and move on, but something in the brevity and politeness of the email made me wander over to the Soundcloud link. And waiting there was some quite lovely, if slightly ominous electronica, in the vein of early Aphex Twin, or Boards Of Canada.

And that is really all I can say. Mr or Mrs or Ms or The Right Honorable or Dame or Sir Griggleschpot is somewhat lacking in personal detail, other than describing their debut album as “this album called seaeyesair works backwards in time and narrates drastic transitions therewith”. And that “I was born in 1993, I live an hour-long train journey from London – on the coastline.”. Other than a nice photo, that’s your lot. Nothing quite like letting your music do the talking.

Which it does, in an entirely pleasant, understated way. The album is free to download from here, and I recommend you do, on the strength of these tracks. Intriguing.