None More….errrr…Flowery

Mark Lanegan’s back. Back with his first solo record since 2003, if you can believe that, given how astonishingly prolific he’s been in the last ten years, what with QOTSA, Soulsavers, Gutter Twins, that Isobel Campbell business, and more guest spots than you can shake a stick at. Through all that he’s maintained a grumpy integrity and devotion to the cause of growling ominously that is second to none. Seriously, could anyone else these days release a record called “Blues Funeral” and have the lead song titled “The Gravedigger’s Song” and still expect people to keep a straight face?

With lyrics like “Love is a medicine, girl, like a crow flying eight miles high over wire and wood”, you know you’re in for a treat. Album’s out early next year, folks.

Now, I’ve no idea if this little widgetty thing is going to work, as WordPress appears to be frigging it to schninty. So if it doesn’t, just follow the link here to 4AD and listen to it on the player there.

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