The Morning Kills Us All

Cheery miserablists The Twilight Sad have been one of the high points of the musical world in the last few years. Unlike friends and compatriots Frightened Rabbit they aren’t for everyone – in that, if someone tells you they don’t like Frightened Rabbit you know for a fact they are cloth-eared buffoons, whereas you can understand that James Graham’s catharsis overlain by the kind of noise that would make even mid-80’s Swans band members go “Steady on there, chaps” isn’t for everyone. But when you are in the mood, the likes of “I Became A Prostitute” and “Cold Days From The Birdhouse” scratch an itch that few other bands can reach.

They’ve just announced that a third album called “No-One Can Ever Know” is coming in February 2012, and to celebrate this, they’ve released a free taster named “Kill It In The Morning”. First impressions are that they clearly haven’t cheered up one little bit, and that they’ve been playing with the keyboards a tad. A bit of variation in their sound is definitely welcome, as the last thing you want to happen to this lot is that they get stuck in a feedbacky rut. Saying that, I’d love to hear a bit more of the acoustic side they showcased on their Acoustic EP. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Or at least, that’s what I tell the mi[REDACTED]

Head over to for more information, and go and buy their albums if you haven’t already done so. You’re missing out if you haven’t, trust me.

Oh, and see them live too.

MP3: Kill It In The Morning by The Twilight Sad (Low bitrate. If you want the proper, 320kbps version, go and sign up on their website)