It’s Not Too Late To Just Turn Back

Fanfarlo’s “Fire Escape” is one of those songs that sits on my iPod, and once in a while, as I’m idly scrolling around looking for something to play, makes me go “Ooooh, now that’s a good song, I might listen to that”. And I do, enjoying it greatly. From the opening Grandaddy-style keyboard arpeggios to the closing whistles, “Fire Escape” is a song you can’t help but love. Yet for some strange mental blocking reason, I’ve never gone the whole hog and bought the album from whence it stems.

So it pleases me no end to hear they’ve got a new album coming, and one which, I hope, drives me to making a bit more of a bloody effort. Lead single – well, ok, lead track to be released to us folk that sign up to their mailing list – is named “Replicate” and comes with a funky video with lines and circles and whatnot, a bit like the video to Bohemian Rhapsody as imagined by a Russian Futurist in 1913.

The album is out, errrrr, soon, and is called, errrrrr, look over there! *runs off in other direction*

MP3: Replicate by Fanfarlo

MP3: Fire Escape by Fanfarlo

Buy “Reservoir” Here