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My word, is Torontonian Abel Tesfaye hawt right now. A day or so after posting his new mixtape (ha! tape!) as The Weeknd, entitled Thursday, the music blog world is all bejiggered with excitement. Just head over to Hype Machine and look at those hearts. Look at them!

Don't Fancy Friday Much

So who am I to say any different? Usually, I am, but not so much in this case. Cos whilst I’m not a massive fan of modern R’n’B (it’s taken some huuuge steps back after the high points of Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child), some of it does pique my interest, like that Duck fellow.

And The Weeknd follow his line of being a bit more thoughtful and, you know, not going on all the time about bitches and lurvin and whatnot. Oh, and there’s guitars too.

Download it here. Warning: may well be some songs about bitches and lurvin.

MP3: Rolling Stone by The Weeknd