Let’s Go There

Come the glorious revolution, not liking Feist would get you put up against the wall and shot quicker than you could say “But Sea-Lion Woman is incredibly annoying!”. How can you not love her wonderfully warm, smoky voice, her marvellous way with words, and her superb let’s-all-dance-right-here videos? What’s more, she’s a captivating live performer, capable of making the toughest of crowds eat from her hands.

But it has to be said that she’s never made a great album. Some of her songs are amongst my favourites over the last few years; I’m looking coyly in Mushaboom, 1234 and Brandy Alexander’s direction right now, but neither Let It Die nor The Reminder have shown the world exactly what a fine talent she is. Maybe new album Metals, out on 3rd October, can change that. Here’s lead single How Come You Never Go There, in all its sultry beauty.

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