Will You Say Yes?

Oh you’ve got to love those garrulous folk over at Labrador Records. Not content with releasing some damn fine records over the last few years, such as The Radio Dept’s marvellous “Clinging To A Scheme“, they’ve decided to release a quite fabulous 22 track compilation featuring all the artists they’ve released records for over the past three years.

Called, cunningly, “Stockholm Belongs To Us”, it’s free. And full of Scandinavian indie-pop brilliance. What more can you ask for?

Other than looking up their address in Google Maps, and finding that there’s an impossibly skinny blonde smoking a fag1 outside their office.

I'm Smoking A Fag

Ah, Sweden. Cracking indie-pop, cooler-than-solid-nitrogen blondes, and all the herring you can eat.

MP3: Heaven’s On Fire by The Radio Dept

MP3: 1983 (Pelle & Sebastian) by Pelle Carlberg

1 I realise this means something entirely different in America.