Back, Redux, Again

Look, I know I keep saying I’m going to post more, but something’s come up. Whilst I don’t sometimes talk in detail about my personal life (injured limbs and hangovers notwithstanding), I’ll just say that something truly wonderful happened last week, even if said wonderful thing’s sole role in life currently is to sleep, eat and poo. With a bit of crying thrown in.

So I may as well just close down the blog now. Except I won’t, I’m far too addicted to the sound of my own voice. Or the nice little shapes my words make on the screen. If you fancy keeping up with the blog without the hassle of RSS or clicking on a favourite, just click on “Subscribe” over on the right hand side. Go on, do it.

In any case, I’ve got some new music to talk about. I’ve posted about Paul Thomas Saunders before and he’s one of those artists that I’ve been longing to hear more of. I’ve only had a handful of tracks to listen too, culled from various compilations and blogs and the like, and those songs have the ability to send me away from the churning throng of Canary Wharf station in rush hour to a place somewhere that’s as calm, peaceful and loving as a womb. Paul is one of those rare musicians – like early My Morning Jacket or M Ward – who understand how to build an ambience, an atmosphere, a sense of place in their music.

He’s got a new EP out named “Lilac And Wisteria”, and we can finally listen to a proper piece of work. I’ve only heard a couple of songs from it: “Appointment In Samarra” (Soundcloud below) and the free download “Silhouettes of an English Rose” (from his website here). Both tracks are superb; I’m not going to say “Oh, if you like SoAndSo you’ll love this” because, frankly, if you don’t like these songs you should just stick your fingers in your ears and walk around yelling “LA LA LA NOT LISTENING TO ANYTHING ANYMORE” because you don’t deserve the joy that such music can bring. The EP’s four quid. Four quid! That’s a pint in a pub in London, and is a tiny price to pay for something so wonderful.

Yes, I have ordered a copy. He’s playing live in London soon. I am going to miss it. Bugger.

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