I’m Baaack

For once, I’ve had a decent reason to not post anything. Thanks to a dislocated ring finger, on top of hideous amounts of work, and root canal treatment (boy, has turning 40 been fun!), I’ve been unable to write much. Evenings have been spent lying on the sofa going “ow”, softly and gently. But now, the finger is starting to heal, my left hand has started to work properly again and so, for the first time in weeks, I can post something. Hurrah!

First off, here’s Wilco’s new single, called “I Might”, from their new record The Whole Love, out in September. As ever, it sounds much like Wilco but with new little details that keep you coming back for more. But aren’t you just a little bit disappointed they didn’t call the song “Wilco (The First Single From The New Album)”? And the album “Wilco (The New Album)”?

Just me then.

Loads more to come, hopefully.

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