Same Old Same Old

For all the talk of the new music business model and paradigm shifts and other such flimflammery, it’s lovely to see the business pulling out the old tricks to sell a new record. Namely, a band consisting of two attractive ladies, sisters no less, being sold apparently entirely on their attractiveness.

"Goddamn It, You Forgot Your Skirt Again!"

They’ve been knocking around a good few years now, have the Pierce sisters, releasing the not at all bad “Boring” some time ago, and now they are back. Having ditched their electro-pop sound, they are going for the mid-period Fleetwood Mac/AM Soft Rock sound that’s terribly de rigeur round some parts. Round here, not entirely. But it’s a rainy Bank Holiday Monday and I can’t be arsed to finish the M Ward review from two weeks ago.

The new song? Not bad. As The Word say, just the kind of thing to put on when you can’t think of what to put on. But wouldn’t the music industry be a better place if everyone stopped focussing on the attractiveness of the artists and concentrated on their music? No? You sure? Oh, ok then.

As for the whole sisters angle, I am brought to mind this:

Buy “You & I” Here (CD/MP3)

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