Only In Dreams

Last night, I had a very strange dream. In amongst a night out in my hometown wearing a Star Trek t-shirt, driving through a crowd of tourists in my car, and a fridge full of bacon, was a video for Drake’s new song, “Dreams Money Can Buy”, in which he dances wearing women’s clothes (a short skirt and a black vest top, if you must know), whilst flanked by two doppelgängers. Also wearing women’s clothes.

This is absolutely, 100% true. What is odd is that after hearing the song yesterday, I didn’t register that it was called “Dreams Money Can Buy”. The mind truly is a strange thing. Not that I’m saying he’s really done a video with him wearing women’s clothes, but you never know. You heard it here first.

Don't F- With Me

The song’s a tad strange too, in a good way. Whilst I find much modern hippety-hop music a bit tedious – all that braggadocio, casual misogyny and Autotune – Drake’s managing to make some quite interesting records. Any other suggestions?

MP3: Dreams Money Can Buy by Drake

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