For Searsy, Long Ago

I can’t say that I particularly liked Bon Iver’s debut album. Gave it a good few goes, but something in the conceit of Mr Iver1 holing himself up in a remote shack to get over his oh-so-broken heart got on my nerves. But, on the flip side, I rather liked Volcano Choir, especially “Island, IS”.

So now he’s got a new song out, is it worth giving Old Moanybollocks another go?

On the strength of new song “Calgary”, the answer is, “Well, yes, possibly, though it does sound a bit like Coldplay”.

So there you go. Sounds a bit like Coldplay. Not bad, though. And yes, I am filling in time instead of completing my Sufjan Stevens review. If you’ve been to see him live, you know why I’m sitting at my keyboard, gibbering like a fool.

New album out June 21st. Go buy!

1 Yes, I know it’s not his real name.

MP3: Calgary by Bon Iver

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