The Role Of Hangovers And Social Media In Discovering New Music

Pootling around the web first thing this morning, whilst having a quick break from work (working from home is wonderful from time to time), and nursing the sort of hangover you get when you go drinking with some good work buddies and a vendor who who decided that alcohol poisoning was a perfectly valid sales technique, I came across a Tweet by the marvellous We Listen For You. Now, whilst I don’t always agree with their tastes, I do find their reviews well written, intelligent, and thought provoking. So a tweet loudly exhorting that The Antlers new album had been played constantly for the last three days deserved to be followed up.

So off I tootle to Hype Machine to see what they have, and blow me down, those folks at WLFY appear to be onto something. Compared to the overegged pudding that are Wild Beasts, The Antlers Burst Apart is a far more refined and pleasant listen. The singer appears to be able to sing high (sing looooow!) without sounding like a total pillock, which is nice. Now, I’ve only had a quick listen to the record, but it does sound like a keeper.

Speaking of Hype Machine, they’ve now got a Hype Machine Radio app, available in the iTunes store. Haven’t had a play with it myself yet, but hope to soon. Looks funky though.

Right, back to work. And coffee. More coffee. And more water, please.

Pre-Order “Burst Apart” Here

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