Spinning Out Gracefully

So those beardy fellas My Morning Jacket have a new album on the way, and they, in the time-honoured manner of the music biz these days, released an MP3. Aren’t they nice? The track is named “Circuital” (me neither), and starts off all haunted, muted arpeggios, Jim James’s high, keening voiced echoing around in its usual manner, before the song suddenly bursts into life, falling back to the echoes and hush a good four or five minutes later.

Giving Me The Evil Eye

Considering I’ve only given it a couple of listens, this song gives me some comfort that the upcoming Circuital is going to be a far more pleasurable listen than Evil Urges. Here’s hoping. The Sweatbees EP, all those years ago, has been a firm fixture on any MP3 player I’ve ever had. A band that can make something so fine can be forgiven almost anything, and I’m holding out hope that Circuital will repay that hope. I could do with some good Kentucky yearning in my life.

MP3: Circuital by My Morning Jacket

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