Bus Of Blonde Girls

Music can pop into your head thanks to all sorts of funny reasons. The other day, taking a bus from Sloane Square – posho blonde girl capital of London – toward Putney, when the Tube was bejiggered, I wandered onto the top deck to find that it was half-full of slightly baffled looking blonde girls. They definitely had the look of people who’d seen these big red things going up and down the road, but had previously eschewed actually travelling on one, instead going for the relative safety of the Tube.

And the song “Yard Of Blonde Girls” from Jeff Buckley’s posthumous LP, Sketches For My Sweetheart, The Drunk. Now, I am a huge Jeff Buckley fan, but even I recognise that most of Sketches… really isn’t that good. Whatever magic he’d captured on Grace and Sin-e, and innumerable live recordings, was sorely lacking in Sketches. And then he died before being able to write something better. So it goes.

I don’t have much more to say about Jeff, or this song (a cover), other than it’s not bad. And certainly welcome on the number 22 after a long day’s work. Sometimes it pays not to look into things too much.

MP3: Yard Of Blonde Girls by Jeff Buckley

Note to self: Don’t post titles that sound like something smutty. I can only imagine the stuff I’m going to get Tweeted now.

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