A Simple Earworm Of Fate

No doubt awoken by Saturday’s mention of Blood On The Tracks, a little earworm shuffled into my perception at some point this afternoon, during a particularly mind-numbing part of the project course I’m on at the moment. Said earworm being “A Simple Twist Of Fate”, one of Dylan’s finer songs, and one of those songs that helped me turn from a full-on Dylan Denier to being a little bit of a fan. Not a full-bore, open-throated-roar Dylanite, but at least someone who has lived through the Punk Wars and can now appreciate that he was really Quite Good.

And a bit of a punk himself, if truth be told, what with all the going electric and pissing off his fanbase with metronomic regularity. Good chap. Anyway, let’s keep this short. Cracking song.

MP3: Simple Twist Of Fate by Bob Dylan

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