I’m A Slow Mover

I was going to post a jeremiad about Radiohead’s new record tonight, but it wasn’t quite ready, and I’m feeling knackered after the first day back after sickness. And with that astonishing news, I thought instead that I’d just post the new Robin Pecknold – he of the golden tonsils of Fleet Foxes – songs, which he’s posted on his Twitter feed.

Robin Pecknold, Yesterday

Choice of the bunch is a duet with Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, a gentle little number, all hushed tones and gently fingerpicked guitars. After listening to Russian Circles for most of today, my brain needs this sort of softness. Enjoy.

Oh, and apparently Fleet Foxes have an album out on May 3rd. Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things?

MP3: I’m Losing Myself by Robin Pecknold (Feat. Ed Droste)

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