Get Up

Bleurgh. Uuurgh. Aaargh. I don’t feel at all well. Woke up yesterday and whilst fretting that I was going to struggle to walk to the Tube, realised that I was struggling to even get out of bed. Or move at all. Stupid bugs.

So what I need is some woman named Kyla La Grange, singing over drums thundering around an aircraft hangar, exhorting me to “Get Up, Get Up, Get Up!”. She has a voice, strident and striking, that grabs you by the hair (or ears, if your hair has fallen out), and forces you to listen. Digging around tha Intawebz I saw she’s being touted as the next Florence And The Machine, to which I’d have to say, “Please God no. That woman has the voice of a Beagle who has just had his tail stepped on”. Kyla’s voice, on the other hand, is rich and emotional. Helps too that “Walk Through Walls” is a fair approximation of a meeting between Kate Bush and Phil Spector (before all that nasty drugs and murdering business. Phil, that is, not Kate. You never know though).

Take Two Bottles Into The Shower?

There you have it. If you’re in the need of a pick me up, listen to this. It’s great.

MP3: Walk Through Walls by Kyla La Grange

Walk Through Walls is released on Monday March 7th. There’s an album on the way too.