PJ And Yorke

Coincidences, eh? Just last night I was listening to PJ Harvey’s duet with uber-miserabalist multimillionaire Thom Yorke1 “This Mess We’re In” and wondering firstly what a great voice she’s got, and secondly wondering when those moany wonders Radiohead will get round to releasing another record2.

And lo! On Valentine’s Day, they’ve only gone and told us that the new record is out Saturday. Saturday! That’s this Saturday! You can do that when you’ve got no record label and gazillions of fans. ‘Tis called The King Of Limbs and it’s available for pre-sale now at the bargain price of £6 for a 320K MP3, with some more expensive options like double 10” vinyl and gubbins for £30. No word yet on what the thing sounds like. Guess you’ll just have to wait.

To keep you going, and also to celebrate PJ Harvey’s new record (which I will really, honestly, truly write about soon, once I’ve listened to it), here’s that lovely song. It’s almost appropriate for Valentine’s Day too, if your idea of romance is a torrid encounter in New York with someone you really shouldn’t be having a torrid encounter with.

1 The saying “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a better class of misery” springs to mind here.

2 And yes, whether it’d be any good or not. Let’s save that thought.

MP3: This Mess We’re In by PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke

And since we’re on this theme:

MP3: Ever Fallen In Love by The Buzzcocks

Heh. Happy Valentine’s!

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