Oh Oh Oh Something

A bit of swearing goes a long, long way. The corollary of this is that a lot of swearing goes fucking miles. Especially when the music isn’t some thrashy noise like Rage Against The Machine’s excellent “Killing In The Name Of”, but a gentle, neo-folk, plucked guitar string affair with one of those harmonium things warbling over the top. This particular number comes from Darren Hayman, ex of Hefner (remember them?), featuring Elizabeth Morris on vocals.

I Know I Fucked Up (Sung By Elizabeth Morris) by Darren Hayman

Isn’t this just fucking lovely? Darren Hayman is releasing one song for every day of January, which is a brave move, if you ask me, which you didn’t. More details on his web page here, and good luck to him. If they are all the same quality as this beaut, he’s onto a winner.

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