Blah blah blah blah blah.

Whatever I try and write at the moment just won’t come out right. There’s all sorts of stuff I could write about – new music, Mogwai’s new record, loads of interesting stuff I’ve been sent, even the long-lost Pitchfork Metal post, but it’s just not working.

Maybe it’s the whole New Year thing. The pressure of listening to new music early on in the year has sent my music brain off into the safe haven of old Grizzly Bear and Mogwai records, and I even caught myself listening to Townes Van Zandt the other day. And then again this morning. You know what, if you’ve not heard his stuff before, and you like wistful tales of western woe, sung by a man who’s voice sounds like it’s seen everything this world has to offer, twice, then Townes is your man.

My own personal introduction came via the Tindersticks cover of “Kathleen”, especially once I saw them live. After they played their version to rapturous applause, Stuart “Club Singer” Staples mumbled into the microphone “Don’t clap us. The original is much better”. If that sort of behaviour doesn’t get you running into the arms of ol’ Townes, what will?

But rather than post “Kathleen”, I’m going to post “For The Sake Of The Song”, because I just love it.

MP3: For The Sake Of The Song by Townes Van Zandt

Oh, and the Drake/Peter, Bjorn and John tune I posted yesterday didn’t appear in Hype Machine, so let’s try it again:

MP3: Let’s Call It Off by Drake

Buy “Drama Falls Like Teardrops” (Townes Van Zandt Best Of)

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