Not About A Duck

All this hipster rap thing – Kid Cudi, Drake, even Kanye himself – has pretty much passed me by. Sure, I’ve heard stuff here and there, and even listed to a bit of Kanye back in the College Dropout days. But the tunes that have been floating round Hype Machine and the likes just haven’t floated my boat.

So when a friend lent me her iPod to listen to some Drake songs, I wasn’t expecting much. I guess you’re now expecting me to say that my mind was blown, right? Well, it wasn’t. Caught you out there, eh? One song aside, I can safely say that I’m much happier listening to Nick. Nick Drake. Geddit? Sorry.

Drake Relaxing In His Pool, Yesterday

But then there was that one song, and funnily enough it’s one featuring Swedish indiekids Peter, Björn and Jöhn. Who despite being Swedish, and all fey and indie-like, I don’t much like. But this tune is great. How can you not love those handclaps? And it only came out, what, two years ago? Finger on the pulse round here, as usual.

MP3: Drake – Let’s Call It Off

And yep, I know I’ve been quiet. Writers block. On which, more tomorrow.

Buy Drake’s stuff from Amazon’s Drake Store

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