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One of the joys of end-of-year lists is to stumble across something that you missed entirely and realising that, if you hadn’t, it’d be nestling happily in your own end-of-year list. So far that honour goes to Cotton Jones‘s “Tall Hours In The Glowstream”, as recommended by the marvellous Song, By Toad.

There’s nothing particularly new about Cotton Jones’s sound, but what they do is marvellous; the kind of sound that nuzzles up to you gently before sucking you into their dreamy world. A world which I know precious little about, and to be honest, I’m quite happy to not know any more about them. I mean, they look like nice people:

Makers Of A Lovely Record

But sometimes it’s good to fall in love with a record and know nowt about the band. Like with Canyon, or Kingsbury Manx. Funnily enough, there’s something in the Cotton Jones sound which reminds me of those two bands; hazy, gently countryfied dreamy psych-rock, the sort of sound that pushes all sorts of buttons.

Go on, give them a try, and I’m sure you’ll do exactly what I did and order the album as soon as you’ve heard this:

MP3: Sail Of The Silver Morning by Cotton Jones

Buy Tall Hours in the Glowstream from Amazon.

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