Happy Happy Joy Joy

What is this bit between Xmas and New Year called? The bit that, following on from the food-and-wine-and-port-and-more-food-and-bickering extravaganza of Xmas and the hedonistic fray that is New Year’s Eve (or as we now call it, “The Night Of HOW Much Is The Babysitter Charging?”), just kind of sits there like your spinster great Aunt in the armchair, looking gloomy and occasionally moaning about what’s on the telly.

Whatever it’s called, it’s a bit glum and drizzly yet strangely pleasurable. Just like (ta da!) The Savings And Loan. Hailing from Scotland, not exactly the cheeriest place on Earth, they make bands like The Twilight Sad sound like Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep1. Have a listen to “Swallows”, below, and see what you think:

Swallows by The Savings and Loan

The album “Today I Need Light” is out on Song, By Toad Records, they of the marvellous Meursault. Go on, treat yourself to something quite glum. Perfect for the New Year’s Day hangover.

1 Bet you didn’t know that the band that popularised this song hailed from Scotland. See, it’s not all haggis and suicide up there, you know.