I’m A Civilian Baby, So Why Don’t You Blog Me?

Last month, I had the joy of seeing Wye Oak play live (supporting Spoon). Very good they were too, with a set list heavily comprised of material from their upcoming album. Bit of a pain that, since I wanted to hear some oldies, but you can’t have what you want in this life, can you1?

You Have A Nice Lie Down, Then

Anyway, they’ve released their first song from upcoming record Civilian (out on City Slang on March 7th, 2011, fact fans), and it’s cunningly titled “Civilian”. Makes it easy to remember, I guess. “21st-century folk music”, they say, and I’m not disagreeing with that. I’d happily add “Rather good” to that description.

More later, if I get round to it, on Godspeed! You! Black! Emperor!’s London return last night.

MP3: Civilian by Wye Oak

MP3: If Children Were Wishes by Wye Oak

1 Unless you are exceedingly rich, or have no imagination, that is.

Buy Wye Oak’s “If Children” (CD)

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