Special Benny

Special Benny.

What a name. What. A. Name. I’m only posting this because of their name.

Ok, maybe if it was rubbish, I wouldn’t post it, but you know what? “Air Filter”, the track available for download from their website (here) is a pleasant, jittery affair, with all sorts of stuff going on. Lovely lilting acoustic intro! A saxomophone solo! A great bit about three and a half minutes in where it all goes a bit funny! Jazzy and indie-poppy and well worth a good listen.

See, Yuck? That’s how you name your band.

MP3: Air Filter by Special Benny (snigger)

The album “Toys” is availble from their Bandcamp site here, in CD and lots of digital formats, for the bargain price of £6 for the digital.

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