Foolish Thoughts

Do you ever get an idea at the dead of night and think “Ooh, maybe that’s a bit stupid, I’ll think about it again in the morning”? And then on waking, you think to yourself that maybe it’s not such a bad idea and that you should go ahead.

Because something that’s been bothering me for months now is that I am, frankly, rubbish at keeping this blog updated. Truly, biblically rubbish. I know a bunch of people do read it, and sometimes even enjoy it a bit, but there’s nothing more frustrating than following a blog only to find the writer (bloggee?) can’t, for whatever reason, keep posting. To build up a nice reader base and keep it entertained on a regular basis takes hard work.

So, for the month of November, I’m going to do one post per day, every day. Sure, it’s going to help that I’ve got five gigs to go to plus a bunch of stored up stuff I really need to post, but some days all I’ll do is write some thoughts about a song I’d listened to that day, or recently. And I promise they won’t be 1,000 word behemoths.

First off, here’s some Orange Juice. Not sure why, other than it popped into my head as I was writing this. Top tune, though, eh? And there’s a box set out next week, you say? Ah ha! Topicality!

MP3: Rip It Up by Orange Juice

Buy the “Coals to Newcastle: Boxset and DVD”

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