A Post Tangentially Related To Work

Chatting with Barney at work t’other day, we got talking about funny phrases. For some reason, “Sonic Cathedrals Of Sound” got mentioned, and we discussed who invented it. As we couldn’t decide – in-joke of NME (my thought) or someone on the Steve Wright Show (his) – a quick Google was attempted.1

Which led me to the discovery, that the first site that comes up on a Google search for “Sonic Cathedrals Of Sound”, was my site. Me! My site! Blimey.

Ok, I don’t do that very often. I’m the kind of person that writes a blog in the vain hope that about 10 people read it, and one person likes what they read (aside from me)2. But the fact that, of all the sites in the world, that simple search should walk into my site gives me a lovely feeling of satisfaction. All these hours of writing, all that neurotic worry, all that fretting about my syntax and trying to write something interesting….bollocks to all that. I’ve arrived.

In honour of this momentous occasion, here’s one of the bands that started the whole Sonic Cathedrals Of Sound thing. No, not Cocteau Twins, but My Bloody Valentine, who I’ve often mentioned but never posted. Funnily enough, I’m finding I like MBV more and more as I get older; one of those bands I was a bit snooty about in my earlier days, but now rather like.

Go knock your ears off in the Sonic Cathedral Of Sound with this beauty.

1 Indeed, it was The Pretentious Music Journalist character, found from here.

2 Because if I was you wouldn’t be able to move for The Xx remixes, mashups and the like. I love The Xx, but you know….what’s wrong with the original tracks?

MP3: Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine

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