Bad Band Names Part 26

Naming your new band is one of the most difficult things to get done. Sure, getting a drummer who is not a latent psychopath intent on imbibing anything that will take him to whole new vast universes of inebriation is tough, but still nowhere near as hard as finding a name that’s original, memorable, or just acceptable. If you’ve got a great name, like Sufjan Stevens, or have a moment of genius and call yourself Mastodon, then you’re sorted, but some recent names, like Tame Impala or Wavves, are just plain rubbish.

So along come Yuck to join The Morning Benders and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in the recent pantheon of Crap Band Names. Not that they will care, of course, being as they are about 121. To say there’s been a renewal of interest in late ’80’s/early ’90’s shoegazey, grungey music would be understating it somewhat, and for me, listening to new bands is like wandering into the Student Union at Newcastle Poly on a cold evening in 1991.

And so it is with Yuck. I must say I rather like the track I’m posting here, “Georgia” (otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it), all fuzz and melody and yearning. The band definitely have some talent, and the UK hype scene, including live review from Alexis Petridis, is rumbling ominously. You may well be hearing lots more about Yuck, dodgy name or no.

New single “Rubber” is out on the 26th October.

1 This being, of course, an exaggeration. They are 13.

MP3: Georgia by Yuck