Does He Love You?

I can be a right old soppy bugger sometimes. Being reminded of Jenny Lewis’s old band Rilo Kiley one evening last week, I decided to give the opening few tracks of More Adventurous a try on yesterday’s Tube ride to work. And within about three minutes of “Does He Love You?” I was nearly sobbing. Nearly, I said, honestly, what do you take me for?

This tale of friendship, love, and something else entirely may be a cheap shot, but the delivery of the shock is devastating, the song’s crescendo filled out with strings smoothing out the jagged guitar chords and tumbling drums. Rilo Kiley have often been criticised for being a touch too calculating, but when they get it right – such as on this track and “Portions For Foxes”1 – they hit the power-pop button better than anyone else out there.

Go on, treat yourself to a little cry.

1 Which will most definitely be on a Pitchfork 500 Missing List.

MP3: Does He Love You? by Rilo Kiley

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