Avi’ At It, Buffalo!

That post title is my entry in this year’s “Most Tortuously Entitled Blog Post” prize. I think I’m in with a good chance. Hope this Sunday finds you well; mine’s been largely spent doing a combination of cooking, lounging and working. And typing. As I have more cooking and working to get on with, I’ll keep this short.

Avi Buffalo hail from sunny Long Beach, California, and frankly, sound it. Those dreamy vocals, reverb-heavy guitars, handclaps, tunes that easily drift around like seaweed washing up and around a sun-kissed beach. There seems to be a whole world being filled with this kind of shoegazey, Beach Boys touched dream-pop, though after a few listens to their debut album has got me thinking that they’re a cut above the norm. Perfect for those final, summery days of September before the cold and dark closes in.

That video looks like it cost some serious money, mind.

Album is out on Sub Pop records and can be purchased here.

MP3: What’s It In For by Avi Buffalo