Rejoicing In The (New) Bands 3 – Panic Attract

The music blog world is driven not only by the personal tastes of music bloggers themselves, but by PR people, bands and labels, who are constantly emailing music bloggers to plug their new bands. As any honest blogger will tell you, if you buy them a can of Old Purple’s Anxiety Reducer in your local scummy fleapit, that by and large these emails can be something of a mixed blessing. Personally, I never get anything like the amount of time I’d like to listen to each and every bit of music I get sent. But it just doesn’t work out this way. There’s so much new music getting sent around that I begin to feel sorry for new bands, because they are just not able to make themselves heard above the din.

So what should a band or hardworking stressed PR do? Well, being nice helps. Actually, it really helps. Be nice, read the blog you’re sending your stuff to (so you don’t waste time sending Peruvian Death Thrash Metal to a blog specialising in Sarah Records’ back catalogue), and most of all, accept no for an answer (and say so). All these Panic Attract have done. What’s more, make music good. This, thankfully Panic Attract have done too.

Their debut EP was released last year, and piqued the interest of Steve Lamacq, who knows a thing or two about winsome swooning pop. The new single takes a step on from the likes of “Weather Systems”, partly thanks to adding a couple of new band members. As the band themselves say, it’s “peculiar pop” (now that’s a genre I’d like to see in iTunes).

Pretty much a perfect definition there, fellas. Chirpy, winsome, a little odd, and trust me, it burrows its way into your brain like a devious little earworm. Listen, for it will make your Friday a better, better day.

MP3: The Wrong Place by Panic Attract

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