It’s A Bear!

I’ve never been wholly convinced by the whole Animal Collective crowd. Whilst contemporaries like Grizzly Bear are suffused with warmth and humanity, I’ve always been left cold by AC/Panda Bear. However, I’m slowly starting to thaw after hearing Panda Bear‘s B-side to his new single, a track entitled “Slow Motion”. A slow motion Panda Bear, how sweet is that?

The lazy ska-esque rhythm, dubby echoed vocals and general feeling of slight melancholy makes me wistful of those great ’80’s pioneers On-U Sound. I might even pay the new album a bit more attention than I otherwise would have done. It’s out in September, by the way.

Apologies for the somewhat terse post; I’ve got rather a lot on at the moment and I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post over the coming week or so. If you’d like to subscribe, please enter your email address in the “Email Subscription” box over on the right, or subscribe via Feedburner here. Either way, it’s much better than popping back here every few days only to discover I’m still a lazy arse.

MP3: Slow Motion by Panda Bear

Amazon’s Panda Bear Store

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