While We’re Hungover

One of the tracks I’ve been meaning to post for the best part of a month now is from the new Department of Eagles archive CD that’s out on Monday (on the wonderful Bella Union in the UK). As if you didn’t already now, Department of Eagles is Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear‘s other band, formed with college friend Fred Nicolaus back in the day. The archive compilation, cunningly entitled “Archive 2003 – 2006”, features demos, outtakes, sketches, and the like, showing the development of their sound from bedroom mucking about to the baroque-pop symphonies they now specialise in.

And here it is: “While We’re Young”. It’s good. I’ve got a hangover and I don’t think I can really write anything more sensible now. Is complaining about a hangover at 8pm a clever thing to be doing? Then again, is drinking six pints of Old Bastard’s Happiness Facilitator a clever thing to be doing?

MP3: While We’re Young by Department Of Eagles

Buy “Archive: 2003-2006” (CD)

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