Super Sunny Song

I realised the other day, writing about Best Coast, that I’ve mentioned Joy Zipper at least three times in this blog but never written about them properly. Or at all. I’m not going to write much about them now, either, but as I’ve been reminded of their wonderfully drowsy take on psych-dream-pop, I’m going to remedy it by posting one of their songs, hoping that people will listen to it and go “Where have you been all my life?” like Barney Gumble discovering beer.

They don’t seem to have been up to a huge amount in the past couple of years, other than marrying each other (the band being the ludicrously good-looking Tabitha Tindale and Vincent Cafiso). Hopefully they’ll get their act together soon and start writing some more of their dreamy-poppy-psych-bubblegum-pop, or whatever the genre is.

See What I Mean?

Perfect for those hot summer days, eh?

MP3: 33x by Joy Zipper

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