Today’s Hangover

Is brought to you by the letter “W”.

As in, “Why oh why did I keep drinking that sweet, sweet limey beer?”.


Since I really have to go and do some things, this’ll be a quick one, but as I’ve been told in the past, a quickie is better than nothing. Stop sniggering at the back. The letter “W” also brings us the slightly oddly monikered Wavves, who have been making, er, waves, by being not bad at all despite the main man, Nathan Williams, being frankly a total asshole. We Listen For You‘s Zach put it far more elegantly than I ever could in his review of Wavves’s new album, “King Of The Beach”:

Not only is Williams a complete asshole, this being documented by a string of juvenile events last year (fights and festival meltdowns), but his ego gets bigger with each interview I read

Having only heard about his misdemeanours, rather than hearing the music itself, I wasn’t expecting much from the record. But after a couple of listens, and getting used to Nathan’s whiny brat vocals, I found myself enjoying it. Sure, it’s not big, it’s not clever, but sometimes small and stupid is just what you fancy.

Mind you, they do remind me uncomfortably of The Vines. Gah!

MP3: King Of The Beach by Wavves

Pre-Order “King of the Beach” (Import CD)

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