Midyear New Music (Part Three) – Dissociates

I’ve been busy. And, if truth be told, I’ve got a bit of writers block. Much as I love doing this blog, the bit of my brain that gets the rest of me moving and writing and thinking of interesting things to say has been staring out of the window listlessly for the past week. And I’ve got tons to write about too – two Pitchfork articles, an article about Pavement and Supergrass, and all sorts of other stuff.

But my brain keeps going “Meh. Go and play Uncharted 2 instead. Or watch the World Cup.”. So here we are. Saying all that, I did hear a marvellous bit of angry, angsty, messed up rawk the other day and feel compelled to share. Hailing from London, Engerland, The Dissociates chuck At The Drive-In, Mission Of Burma, and tons of other stuff, mix it in a big vat, and out comes this. It’s all over the place, in a good way.

Check out their EP, “Waiting For The Backlash”, here. You can download it for free. Isn’t the Internet great?

MP3: Left Of Centre by The Dissociates

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