Midyear New Music (Part Two) – Club 8

“Right, here’s another chirpy indie-pop number from Sweden”
“Sweden? Again? All you ever bloody write about is bloody chirpy indie-pop from Sweden
“That’s not true. I write about plenty of other bands. Like Mew, for example”
“Mew? They are from Copen-bloody-hagen. If you go to the top of the Carlsberg building you can see bloody Sweden”
“Ok, Metric?”
“She looks a bit Swedish”
“That doesn’t count! Anyway, this lot, called Club 8, have made this lovely afro-beat tinged single called “Shape Up”. It’s great”
“Yes, it might be great, but it’s still bloody Swedish. Pack it in”
“No! I like Swedish music. It’s certainly better than the dross coming from Britain at the moment. It’s like they still haven’t got over The Bloody Libertines yet. Or it’s all annoying shouty electro-pop which sounds like some early-90’s Agit-prop band falling down the stairs.”
“Fair point. But no more Swedes, ok?”
“Oh…ok….” *hides the Sambassadeur record*

MP3: Shape Up! by Club 8

Buy “The People’s Record” (CD/MP3)

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