The Besnard Lakes Are The Subject Of This Post

This year’s been a bit of a funny one for music so far. Some old stalwarts, Broken Social Scene and The Hold Steady, have produced eagerly awaited albums that can be summed up with the word “Meh”. Joanna Newsom and The National have produced albums that can be summed up by saying “Well, not as good as the last one but still ok”. As for Band Of Horses, well they don’t deserve any more comment given the way they are treating their fans (and the album? “Meh”). There’s not many bands I can think of that have improved on their previous records.

One that has, and in properly great style, are The Besnard Lakes. “The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night” follows on from 2007’s “The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse”, and frankly, it’s a beaut. Filled with epic psychedelic rock of the kind that can only be made by listening to far much Led Zeppelin whilst in a suggestible frame of mind, “…The Roaring Night” is a huge leap onward from “…The Dark Horse”, which fell over itself trying to be too dark and lonesome.

In contrast, “…The Roaring Night” is a far more open beast, and a much more welcoming listen. Fairly roaring through the speakers (or your headphones), the record is filled with drama and walls of cascading guitars. I love it. It’s not an everyday record by any means – you need to focus on it, rather than let it drift by, but when you’re in the right mood, this record will fill your brain in a most pleasant way. As a taster, here’s lead single “Albatross”.

And yes, I know this came out a few months ago. It’s a grower, ok? And you don’t come here for new records, do you?

MP3: Albatross by The Besnard Lakes

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